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Bill Breithaupt had the realization that photography and filmmaking were what he wanted to do in life. By age 10 he was enrolled in classes, and made his first film "Trick or Treat". This film was screened at the Mill Valley Film Festival.  With a competitive streak ever-present in his character, as well as a high level of energy, Bill was involved in many sports including swim team, soccer and 


With a competitive streak ever-present in his character, as well as a high level of energy, Bill was involved in many sports including swim team, soccer and skateboarding.  Skateboarding became his passion. As his skills grew, followed by his trophy collection, he decided to attract the attention of sponsors by filming his incredible t


    Bill Breithaupt thanking his Mother             Thrasher's in Ocala, FL Skatepark           Winning "Best Director" for AquaBurnttbd 

As his skills grew, followed by his trophy collection, he decided to attract the attention of sponsors by filming his incredible tricks.  Bills idea worked, and under the sponsorship of such companies as Independent Trucks, Skate Rags Clothing Co., Stylized Sun Glasses and Walker Skateboards, Bill went on to win more skate competitions, bigger trophies and even more sponsors


            Burning Man founder Larry Harvey                     Burning Man Selfie from Director Bill Breithaupt    

                              Burning Man 2001                                                          35mm film shoot: Brawley, CA


                   Yes! I invented THE SELFIE at age 9






             Le'Tigre                      Magnam                   Blue Steel


            Burning Man 2007                 KirkWood Ski Resort                 Burning Man 2012

                Hawaiian Skydive                             Do something everyday that scares you!


      Burning Man 2016                   Burning Man 2008                         Burning Man 2010 


Burning Man Selfie from Director Bill Breithaupt  

He then returned to his earlier passion of filmmaking. Apprenticing under the photographer Mike Voorhees in Newport Beach, CA he improved his framing techniques. He studied graphic arts at the Art Institute of So. California, film/audio techniques at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, FL computer animation under Pixar animator Jimmy Hayward at the Academy of Art San Francisco.



    Burning Man: TimeBlur (2012) Directed by Bill Breithaupt - (Not included on AquaBurn DVD)


      "BEST DIRECTOR" 2013                              Burning Man 2008 (10 Years)



  Bill Breithaupt Receives a STANDING OVATION in Santa Cruz for his film AquaBurn

      Brixton London              Coney Island New York          The Village New York


                         "AstroBlaze" directed by Bill Breithaupt


                      Adrenaline Network Directed by Bill Breithaupt

   Star Wars Fan Film "Valley of Judgement" Starring and directed by Bill Breithaupt

                          Star Wars - Valley of Judgement

He began his career making videos: music, modeling, wedding, corporate and extreme sports, you name it, he has probably caught it on film. None of that compared to the footage he began capturing in 1999 when he was invited to by a friend to attend and film the annual Burning Man Festival held in Black Rock City, Nevada.

                               Burning Man 2015                                            Burning Man 2016

What started off as fulfilling a friend’s request for a souvenir video of the event became a passion for Bill. He passed out the edited footage to friends, who passed it to friends, who gave it to their friends,


                   Lake Tahoe Scuba Dive                                 AquaBurn "The Director's Cut"

               Janet Leigh as Marion Crane in Alfred Hitchcok's "PSYCHO"

                     Richard Kiel as JAWS in "The Spy Who Loved Me"


                      Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in "Star Wars"

           Geoffrey Lewis "High Plains Drifter" & "Every Which Way But Loose"

             Ian Mcdiarmid as Emperor "Senator Palpatine" Star Wars Saga


                      Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker "STAR WARS"

                      Ray Park as Darth Maul "STAR WARS SAGA"

                    Jeremy Bulloch as Boba Fett "STAR WARS SAGA"

                     Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca "STAR WARS SAGA"


                  Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown in "Back to the Future"


            "Lord of the Rings"                              Sean Astin


                          Nichelle Nicols As Uhura in Star Trek

                                  Stan Lee creator of "Spider-Man"


              Cary Elwes From Robin Hood Men in Tights and The Princess Bride

                David Naughton as David Kessler in "American Werewolf in London"

                                  "Beware The Moon"

                           Ted Koppel - My very first autograph


    Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom                Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey               


              Interview with John D. (WW2 Tenth Mountain Division) Italy


                        World Famous Artist-Olivia De Berardinis

                         World Famous Artist-Steve Caballero

       Yes! I was a Mary Kay consultant         Mary Kay's office - Texas headquarters






            Burning Man Artist - Dr. Austin Richards - "Dr.MegaVolt"

       Burning Man Artist - Peter Hudson - "Charon" - Stroboscopic Zoetrope

                 Burning Man Artist - Nate Smith - "Fire Tornado"

Head of Media Operations Jim Graham         Burning Man - Media Mecca

                              AquaBurn Movie Trailer

 Media Operations Andie Grace                        London BM Regional Yoms

             Burning Man: "Are You Lost?" Directed By Bill Breithaupt


                        Director of "Playing God" Andy Wilson

         Pixar Advanced Animation Class           Pixar Studios Jimmy Hayward-Animator


 Jimmy Hayward Director "Two Bullets"    Actors Jamie and Richard from "Two Bullets"

   Jimmy Hayward director of "Two Bullets"            Documentary by Bill Breithaupt

Jimmy Hayward Director of "Jonah Hex"     Toy Story animators - Jimmy Hayward, Oren Jacobs and Mark Oftedal

    Phil Lord & Christopher Miller                 George Lucas & JJ Abrams

            Double Decker Couch Childhood Design by Bill Breithaupt at age 9

                    World Famous Fashion Photographer Michael Voorhees

 World Famous Thrasher Magazine Skateboarding Photographer Morizen Fo - AKA - MoFo

Bill's Film Teacher Darrell Sevilla Screened Mill Valley FF   Chip Douglas (Make-up Artist)

           "Halo on Fire" Music Video              James Hetfield lead singer METALLICA

             It was an honor to be in Metallica's Music video "Halo on Fire" 


                         Mike Palm lead singer AGENT ORANGE

                                                Chillin' Backstage with World Famous Singer MATISYAHU   

     Music Video for Matisyahu's song "RESERVOIR" Created by Bill Breithaupt

                      "Step Out Into The Light" - MATISYAHU

  Stu Brooks Bassist for MATISYAHU       Scott Woodruff lead singer STICK FIGURE

         Chris Martin lead singer COLDPLAY                    Breithaupt Mic Drop            

Matisyahu's Manager David Serber       AC/DC Autographed Guitar plate       Angus Young AC/DC



                Bill Breithaupt's Sponsor INDEPENDENT TRUCKS

                Bill Breithaupt's first Skateboarding Demo Reel


             Bill Breithaupt Snowboarding at Kirkwood Ski Resort, CA












                          My high school sweetheart Jenny Frink


                          Star Wars Episode 8 Reaction Video


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