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    AquaBurn Reviews

"AquaBurn, rocked my world!" - Maid Marian (Mistress of Communications, Burning Man LLC)


"Thank you for creating such an excellent film" - Jim Graham (Media Team Operations, Burning Man LLC)


"Thanks for creating something beautiful" - Andie Grace / Action Girl (Communications Dept, Burning Man LLC)


I LOVED your film. It was the most comprehensive visual collection I have ever seen of the event. I've been a staff member with Emergency Services Department of the event for 6 years now and explaining what the event is like to family members and friends who haven't been is just difficult as all hell. For probably the first time ever, somebody has done what I thought impossible through a camera. The work you did is unparalleled and it made me miss the playa in so many ways.' I'd love to have a list of music credits , It went so well with the images and stirred my soul.

You're a video-god. Don't let anybody tell you different. - Greg (Emergency Services, Burning Man)


You may not be able to see this but know that I am standing in front of my computer applauding my ass off for your film. You REALLY captured the essence of the event. The Gregorian chant music mated perfectly with the images. Since the event is more spiritual to me than anything else, this really hit home with me. Bravo Bravo BRAVO !!!

In dust we trust - The Judge


I finally saw Aqua Burn on Sunday, and it blew me away. I cried twice ! It's absolutely fantastic, I can't wait to show it to my local Toronto Burning Man friends at our decompression.

You have a gift. - Laura


Oh my god Bill, your new film ROCKS !!!

I just got it today, watched it immediately and it made me cry. It is so beautiful, fun, filled with wonderful images and memories. I liked how you focused on the artist building their installations. Plus it's so great to see all my old friends smiling and loving it. You have done a wonderful job. I wish I could give you a big hug !!

Thank you !!  - Anile


I was lucky enough to see your film Aqua Burn at the film festival this weekend and I loved it. I had my whole family there (my wife, twin 7 year old boys who are 5 year Burning Man attendees and my 2 year old daughter who is a 2 year Burning Man attendee ) and we all loved it. My 2 year old went NUTS for the film and still talks about it. She was SO excited to see it because she really remembered the images that she saw - she kept saying "I saw that," "I remember that," and "there is Burning Man." She was so THRILLED to see those images that I cannot describe the excitement and joy that your film brought to her and our family.

Thanks so much !  - Hans


I'm so impressed... I watched AquaBurn with my mom and little (7yo) sister tonight after a stressful day ! My mom and I REALLY enjoyed your film. So now my little sister is going on and on about how she's going to the Burn with me this year and how "it was kinda sad when the man fell, but then the people get to build a new one, and it's like when an old person dies and a new person is born." god love her. She makes life seem so simple... how humbling to have that kind of honest perspective around me all the time. I cannot say THANK YOU enough.

Much love and light.  - Heidi


Your film is gorgeous!  A documentary that really lets the images & sounds speak for themselves. The music was perfect, really heightens the imagery to that same spiritual level one experiences when there. I was totally brought back to the playa. THANK YOU so much.

Wishing you all the best on your creative endeavors.  - Kat


I just had tell you that I finally sat down to watched Aqua Burn this weekend and loved it! I didn't get too far into it before I started to cry. I can't remember now what exactly triggered it but wow.. such good footage. I like that it's mostly visual with snippet of talk because that's what it really comes down to. The mental images left in your mind. I want to tell/show people your video. Thanks so much for it was my first year!  

Can't wait to see your new one.  - Heather


Great job with the film!!! I really loved it; it was different from the other 'documentary' type films (which after back to back viewings started to seem the same). What you are able to accomplish in 4 weeks blows away the stuff that takes people a year or more.

Aqua Burn Kicks Ass !  - Shane R. (Burning Man Skydiver)


I just saw the film Aqua burn, it's fantastic. Both my housemates and my girlfriend agree, it's a keeper. I especially liked your choice of music, and the segment with the dog ! Can't wait to see what you cook up next...

Well done, and many thanks !   - Jeremy Lutes (Burning Man Artist: The Lily Pond)


Thank you so much for your beautiful film. This was my first year at Burning Man, and even though I'm a bit prejudiced by the fact that I actually have a connection to everything portrayed, I still think this was one of the most captivating films about the event ever made. It was so beautiful to watch... Combined with the music, I got pretty overwhelmed and teary-eyed. I have shown and will show it to many of my friends in Seattle.

Everyone agrees it's beautiful and touching.  - Katrina


WOW!!!!!!!!! I'm very impressed. So is everyone from our camp. Tonight I'm going to show your film to 20 of my women friends, many were on the playa and many others are interested in going. I'm sure after seeing your beautiful film, they will be convinced. Tomorrow is our camps (camp biscuit) decompression party. I will also show your film there. Most of our camp already saw it at the Rio, but all have reported that they can't wait to see it again. 

Thank you so much!  - Melissa


We are burners from California who acquired your wonderful piece of art (Aqua Burn) last year... We show it always to new burners or people who are curious. We have all the videos and documentaries and yours is the best!! We know it by heart...so many of our friends have been encouraged by it to attend Burning Man. Your editing, ideas, and masterful photography has had such a huge impact. We are sure many have told you these things, but just wanted to add our comments to all the praise!!!!

Thank you for such a wonderful contribution.  - Pat and Marilyn


Don't give up ! You are important !!! 

Thank you.  - Nate Smith (Burning Man Artist - Fire Vortex)


WOW, I just love Aqua Burn!  Great job!  I have seen every Burning Man movie and internet video there is, some serve different purposes, some are good to show people who have never been, others are good to show your mom. Yours however, is the most inducing - incredible - flashback footage ever !  Take it from a seasoned Burner, your film delivers a taste of the true Burning Man vibe.

It's because of your rockin editing that I put your film at # 1 !

Thanks again.  Craig


Your movie AquaBurn, is head and shoulders above all the other Burning Man films I have seen. Thanks for doing such a great job.

I'm really looking forward to seeing AstroBlaze.  - Michael


saw your note in the JRS about the showing of your film in NY and I was reminded that I've wanted to thank you.  You gave me a copy of AquaBurn one night out on the playa, near the giant chandelier after a couple had just been married there. After the Temple burn I drove home to Portland Oregon and practically the first thing we did was watch AquaBurn.  (I just wanted to go right back) That was my first burn, now I have this video to show friends and family that is actually from a year I was there. I want to thank you because I can watch it now whenever I need to be reminded what a community can be, even when mine here does not seem so wonderful. I remember that I have to bring BRC home with me. In order to make my community what I know it can be, I must PARTICIPATE. So thank you so much! Of all the playa gifts I have been given AquaBurn is the gift that keeps on giving.

Hope to see you on the playa!  - Jayme


I was the lucky recipient of two of your Burning Man videos, 2001 and 2002.

I think your movies are the best I've seen, really give a great sense of what it's like out there.  I get a thrill every time I watch them, and I've showed the Aqua Burn one to many friends, sometimes it's the final convincing straw to get them to come with me. I'd love to find you, and return some sort of nice gift for all the times I've watched your gift.........

Ahhhhhhhh!.  - Suzen


I received the DVD last Friday and I love it! Burning Karma and Are You Lost are also great additions to Aqua Burn. I'm part of the Burning Man regional group here in Nova Scotia and we will be using your DVD at our information meetings for those curious about attending Burning Man.  - Iain


All I can say is 'Burning Karma is fucking outrageous'. Seriously...I wanted to say thank you for putting together such an amazing recap of the event.  

- Jim Graham (Media Team Operations Manager, Burning Man, LLC)


AstroBlaze is Simply unbelievable!!!

I have to tell you, every time I have second thoughts about going out to the playa this year, all I have to do is watch one of your films, and there's no question that I'll be going.

Great job.

You rock!  - Travis