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Star Wars Fan Film
"Valley of Judgement" Starring and Directed by Bill Breithaupt

The Principal, a member of "The Knight's of Ren", steals Luke Skywalker's lightsaber.  To deliver the lightsaber to Kylo Ren, he must pass through the Valley of Judgement where he is warned about how evil Kylo Ren is. When delivering the lightsaber at the waterfall meeting point, the principal is betrayed by Kylo Ren. This film was shot in three mountainous locations and edited in a total of seven days.

        Director Bill Breithaupt presents a Star Wars fan film "Valley of Judgement"




"Star Wars: Valley of Judgement"   Offical Sceening at The San Francisco Comic Con 1st annual Film Festival 2016


                                                        Star Wars: Valley of Judgement

Here is an outtake blooper reel #1 from my film "Valley of Judgement".  I was really frustrated from the 2 hour hike up Mt. Burdell carrying 80 pounds of camera equipment.  Not to mention the fucking mosquitoes attacking non-stop and my throwing up from too much repellent.  But I'm stoked that, in the end, I got the shots because I was so pissed it totally helped my performance.